Weekly Suppers

(Download PDF documents)

Please ensure that orders are placed a day in advance or by 10h00 on the day (late orders will not be accepted)

Orders will only be accepted via email to the following address: naa-eela@k-linefoods.co.za

EFT payments only (bank details included in the PDF documents)

Contact number: 021 386 4033

Supper Meals
July week 1

Supper Meals
July week 2

Supper Meals

July week 3

Supper Meals
July week 4

Contact Information

Tel: 021 386 4033 | Fax: 021 385 0962

Email: adilah@k-linefoods.co.za

Postal Address: PO Box 8260, Roggebaai, 8012, South Africa

Physical Address: Unit 2 Aeropark, Aviation Crescent, Airport City

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