Corporate & Executive Catering Services

K-Line Catering, is a company with a unique background and understanding of the diverse tastes of the Western Cape. We have rapidly established a niche market by offering excellent quality and value.

BEE Compliance

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What We Do

We have catered for all events from Presidential Imbizo’s, Cricket World Cup’s and Corporate Braai’s to intimate dinner parties.

At our dedicated premises and state of the art kitchen we are able to customise menus according to our clients needs while also continuing to develop a unique a la carte menu consisting of:

over 55 Variety/Finger Food Platters

over 50 Meat, Chicken, Vegetarian and Dessert items

a selection of Health Food Options

We have also developed valued partnerships with other suppliers whereby we can supply:

Waitron services

Braai services

Hiring services

Contact Information

Tel: 021 386 4033 | Fax: 021 385 0962


Postal Address: PO Box 8260, Roggebaai, 8012, South Africa

Physical Address: Unit 2 Aeropark, Aviation Crescent, Airport City

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